Credit Royal® is a central company existing since 2012, constituting the core of the holding company - the Polish capital group Credit Royal®. Credit Royal® Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw supports the companies of the Credit Royal® Group in increasing the effectiveness of their operating activities.

The Credit Royal® Group consists of financial institutions granting cash loans to individuals and companies; companies operating in the area of new technologies and risk management; and the Law Firm, which has been operating since 2013 and specialises in providing services to companies and the capital market. In addition, the Company conducts specialized activities including credit intermediation, legal services for companies and debt collection.

We specialize in:

  • Debt collection
  • Legal services for limited liability companies, including public companies
  • Credit intermediation

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CREDIT ROYAL® – Royal Investments

Credit Royal® operates in the following areas:

  • Debt collection
  • Legal services for companies
  • Financial services

CREDIT ROYAL® is a debt collection company focused on collection, service and purchase of mass debt portfolios, which enable to achieve good results in a relatively short time, which in turn increases the liquidity and safety of operations.

As an experienced investor, we are very efficient in the debt trading market. Our offer is addressed to:

  • Banks
  • Loan companies
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Mass service providers, utilities
  • Companies in the energy sector
  • Companies and insurance companies
  • Cooperative Savings and Loan Companies

We are the first company on the Polish market to implement the Debt Collection Broker® service. This service enables us to achieve the highest effectiveness of the debt collection process while reducing costs.

The Debt Collection Broker® service significantly shortens the cycle of payment of receivables. We have extensive experience in debt trading, unique know-how in the field of valuation of portfolios and a specialized team, which takes care of the processes of debt collection of purchased portfolios of mass receivables and receivables ordered to be serviced within the collection.

Credit Royal® as a reliable business partner is an institution recommended by the Polish Debt Management Association.

In addition, we actively support the capital of companies in the financial services sector, which provide short-term loans to companies and individuals (so-called instant loans and installment loans) in both door-to-door and direct systems.



CREDIT ROYAL® is a central company existing since 2012, which is the core of the Credit Royal® Group. CR Group operates on the market of receivables management and in the area of financial and legal services. The company has a very rich experience, specialized team, know-how, system tools and valuation models, which are a guarantee of the highest quality and safety of processes. The company is entered in the register of credit intermediaries of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

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Dziesiątka Finanse ®

It is one of the oldest loan companies on the Polish market. It has been operating since 2001. It grants non-bank loans on installments in a door-to-door system, delivering money directly to the customer's home. It is a company with Polish capital that understands the needs of its clients. It has an established, stable position and operates on local markets. Since 1 March 2018 it has become a part of the Polish capital group CREDIT ROYAL® and has been developing dynamically since then. The company has extended its reach many times and now operates throughout Poland.

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Law Firm is a part of the Polish Credit Royal® Group. Since 2013, Law Firm has been specializing in servicing the debt management market, financial market and legal services for capital companies, including public companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. is one of the few law firms that runs helpdesk for financial services intermediaries and investors - participants of the capital market.

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CREDIT ROYAL® Deutschland GmbH

Credit Royal Deutschland GmbH with its registered office in Berlin is a specialized investment company, being a part of the Credit Royal® capital group. Credit Royal Deutschland GmbH is a company supporting the investment processes of the Credit Royal® Group in Western Europe and Latin America. The company's core business is investments in the financial services market.

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Lucky Star Investments S.A.

Family investment company being a part of the Credit Royal® Group. Lucky Star Investments S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw is a joint-stock company supporting investment processes of the Credit Royal® Group in Central and Eastern Europe. The company's core business is investments in the financial services market.

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It is a modern company with innovative solutions, created by specialists in finance, capital market and law.

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9 years of experience

Management Board

CREDIT ROYAL® is made up of specialists and recognized experts who have been proving for many years that the financial, legal and debt recovery market is their bread and butter and the decisions they make are mature and based on solid premises. The knowledge and experience of the members of the Management Board of Credit Royal® are of great value to the Company.

Jarosław Sabała

  • President of the Management Board of CREDIT ROYAL®®
  • President of the Management Board of CREDIT ROYAL Finance
  • Member of the Supervisory Board Dziesiątka Finanse ®

Economist, graduate of the University of Management and Banking in Cracow with a specialization in Financial Management. A highly experienced banker and financier. Associated with the financial market for over 21 years. He started his career in Bank Współpracy Regionalnej S.A. and performed the functions of Branch Director and DB Elite Private Banking Manager. He was the Regional Director in Time Asset Management S.A., where he was responsible for the implementation of the sales plan and cooperation with financial institutions. Since November 2016, as Vice President of the Management Board of Independent Financial Brokers Sp. z o.o., where he was responsible for the development of the Sales Department. He holds a II level certificate from the European Financial Advisory Association (EFPA).