Nie jesteśmy obojętni na los potrzebujących, bezdomnych zwierząt! 😼🐶🐕
11 marca 2020
Mija już dwa miesiące od zakupu przez Grupę Credit Royal® hiszpańskiej spółki pożyczkowej Préstamo10! 🎯
19 marca 2020

Biznesowy miesięcznik – Warsaw Business Journal napisał o nas!

W związku z ekspansją Grupy Credit Royal na rynek hiszpański i zakupem spółki Préstamo10, biznesowy miesięcznik - Warsaw Business Journal napisał o nas!

Poniżej fragment:

„In January 2020, the Credit Royal group finalized the purchase of a second loan company – Préstamo10 – operating on a foreign market. Préstamo10 is a well-known technology company that has been providing short-term consumer loans for 10 years, the group said. It is also the oldest online loan company in Spain. The company has over 400,000 registered customers and has serviced over 1.35 million loan applications and granted over 193,000 consumer loans for a total amount of nearly EUR 52 million. The company has ultramodern system tools and extensive databases that enable work based on machine learning and deep learning. Thanks to the use of large data sets and advanced assessment modules, Préstamo10 is able to make credit decisions intelligent, which results in a low loss ratio and high profitability of loan portfolios. The first loan is obtained within a dozen or so minutes, while regular customers can get a loan in almost real-time through the P10 application. The company has today implemented tomorrow’s solutions, added the group. The owner of Préstamo10 has been wholly owned by the Credit Royal group since January 28, 2020.”

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