There is a record! The company 10 Finanse have results for 2019!
21 January 2020
Préstamo10 has many advantages!
31 January 2020

Expansion into the Spanish market has become a fact!

After a 10-month negotiation process, January 28, 2020 Credit Royal Deutschland GmbH acquired 100% shares in P10 Finanse S.L., which owns the Préstamo10 and CrediBuy brands. Thus, Préstamo10 has become part of the Credit Royal® Group!

Préstamo10 is the oldest loan company in Spain. Préstamo10 is a technology company that has been selling short-term consumer loans online for 10 years. Préstamo10 is also one of the most recognizable loan brands on the Spanish market. The company has already served over 1.3 million customers!

CrediBuy is a Fintech platform enabling e-commerce purchases. CrediBuy was created for the dynamically developing e-commerce market. CrediBuy is the proprietary brand Préstamo10, based on solutions that we can call today the technology of tomorrow!

The purchase of Préstamo10, one of the leaders of the Spanish online loan market, is a great success that opens the way to completely new development horizons and a new scale of operations. Today, the Credit Royal® Group, which remains invariably in the hands of the same Polish owners, is becoming an international brand with absolutely global aspirations!

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