Credit Royal®is an investment company operating since 2012 in the receivables management market, as well as in the area of financial and legal services. We focus on investing in selected, unique consumer receivables portfolios, as well as in companies and products in the financial sector (short-term loans, the so-called instant loans). We have a very large experience in the field of receivables trading, unique know-how in portfolio valuation, as well as a specialised team which supervises debt recovery processes of the purchased consumer receivables portfolios. We invest in well-proven loan sector companies, as well as in high quality receivables portfolios, the purchase of which is a guarantee of generating extraordinary shareholder return on investment.

Credit Royal® – global thinking, safe investments.
We hire top class advisors and specialists in the field of applied mathematics, statistics, business mathematics, as well as experienced experts in debt recovery, finances and law. We achieve excellent results thanks to our knowledge, experience and knowledge of financial market and receivables management market. Credit Royal® purchases for its own account unique selected receivables portfolios offered by banks, loan companies, telecommunications companies, mass service and utility providers, energy sector companies and insurance companies. We only invest in safe products which guarantee achieving a possibly quick return on investment and profit maximisation. Thanks to our experience, we ensure the highest efficiency and full safety.

We offer royal investments in debt portfolios.
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Credit Royal® specialises in investing in financial products and receivables management. We invest in selected consumer receivables portfolios and short-term loans. Our experience, team, know-how, system tools and valuation models are the guarantee of the highest safety and efficiency of processes related to liquidation of purchased portfolios. Read more >
Credit Royal® investment company is comprised of acknowledged specialists and experts who have many times proven that the financial, legal, and debt collection markets are their daily bread and their decisions are mature and made on solid grounds. The knowledge and experience of the Management Board of Credit Royal® are a huge asset to the company. Read more >
Credit Royal® employs top-class analysts and leading specialists in finances, regulated markets, law, IT, and wider debt management. Our managers as the representatives of the governing staff are characterized by a sense of responsibility, strategic thinking, and making accurate predictions. Our goal is to look after the interests of our investors. Read more >
Corporate Governance is on one hand a set of ethical patterns of behavior in business, particularly in the field of debt management and a set of principles of conduct based on moral standards and compliant with the applicable law of the Republic of Poland, on the other hand, Corporate Governance means regulations and standards associated with consolidating corporate good practices and conforming corporate (ownership) supervision system to the European Union standards.
The principles of Corporate Governance in Credit Royal® Group are:
  • Transparency of the operations
  • Confidence in the relations
  • Openness and consistent development of the goodwill of the company
  • Observance of the good practices in debt collection
The fundamental strategic objectives of Credit Royal® limited liability company are:
  • Increase in the scale of the activity through active investments in debt portfolios with the use of securitization funds
  • Optimization of sources for raising capital
  • Preparation of debts secured by mortgage for large-scale service
  • Development of IT systems
  • Expansion in and improvement of the offered products, development of new communication channels with customers
  • Preparation for investment and development of operations on foreign markets
Credit Royal® limited liability company conducts its activities on the basis of the applicable law and the standards set by organizations associated with the financial market. Furthermore, due to the intention to start an activity as an internally governing alternative investment company, Credit Royal® limited liability company has decided to adopt the investment policy principles for supervised institutions, taking into account the principle of proportionality arising out of the scale and character of the activity and the nature of such institutions. The investment policy of Credit Royal® focuses on investing financial resources in selected large-scale consumer debt portfolios. We estimate that the annual internal rate of return (IRR) of the purchased portfolios should be no less than 20%. Our investment policy is based on the knowledge of the market, expertise, experience, and unique know-how in the valuation of debt portfolios.
Credit Royal® conducts its business activity in three fundamental fields, which are:
  • Purchase of large-scale consumer debts
  • Debts management on the basis of the good practices in debt collection
  • Legal service of enterprises
Formulating the good practices in debt collection serves to devise debt collection methods, which priority is ethical action compliant with the observance of moral principles and the applicable law. In compliance with these principles, a debt collection company is obliged to protect the Customer’s (and the Primary Creditor's) interests and reputation, observe the law, as well as respect the Debtor's consumer rights.
Credit Royal® limited liability company with its registered office in Warsaw (00-103) at the address ul. Królewska 18, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register conducted by the District Court in Warsaw, XII Economic Division of the National Court Register, under the number 0000428199, share capital of PLN 504,000.00 paid in full, Tax Identification Number (NIP) 5272681212, National Business Registry Number (REGON) 146228081,

tel.: 22 487 52 75

Accomplishing the intended rates of return with the lowest possible risk exposure connected with a particular investment is what we aim at. Credit Royal® invests in debt portfolios using ultra-modern tools and valuation models, and being driven by experience and a conservative approach to risk. These features are our biggest strength.
* - IRR (Internal Rate of Return).
Accomplishing the intended rates of return with the lowest possible risk exposure connected with a particular investment is what we aim at. Credit Royal® invests in debt portfolios using ultra-modern tools and valuation models, and being driven by experience and a conservative approach to risk. These features are our biggest strength.
* - IRR (Internal Rate of Return).
Credit Royal® offers unique solutions in the debt collection field to entities generating large-scale consumer debts. We offer our services to telecoms, cable television providers, housing cooperatives and associations, electricity and gas providers, and other enterprises of the bulk services sector, financial institutions, insurance companies, savings and loan cooperative societies, leasing and lending companies, and banks. The large-scale debt collection option is designed for serving a large quantity of small and medium debts.

Credit Royal® minimizes the costs associated with debt recovery and guarantees the highest security standards and high efficiency of debt collection processes, which are conducted with respect of the law and ethical principles.
The debt collection process which covers judicial and enforcement proceedings (hard debt collection) is conducted with the active participation of Mścichowska.pl. law firm. We have considerable experience and an advanced organization, so we can offer a professional, quick and reliable legal service alongside debt collection services of the highest quality. The combination of both services in one process guarantees the highest success rate, quality, and efficiency of actions. Our team of skilled lawyers will conduct judicial and enforcement proceedings on your behalf.

We continuously collaborate with selected bailiffs who perform enforcement actions. This helps to maintain full control over debt management, thus maximizing the effectiveness of the entire process. We provide full and up-to-date reports from the enforcement actions performed.
The Debt Collection Broker® is a unique service on the Polish market, combining superior debt collection with ultra-modern debt management. As a part of the service, Credit Royal® assumes the position of the manager of the debt collection process conducted at a stage chosen by the Customer or at all the stages of the process, such as: pre-collection, monitoring of payments, collection, court-ordered debt collection and enforcement, and field collection. Our experience and know-how make us an ideal entity which, on the Customer’s behalf, oversees the debt collection processes, optimizes the costs, and guarantees that all the ordered works are up to the highest standards.

As a part of debt management outsourcing, the Debt Collection Broker® enables the selection of first-class servicers specializing in specific areas of the wide process of debt collection. Credit Royal® looks after the entire process on behalf of the Customer.


Find out about investments in selected consumer receivables portfolios and short-term loans. We guarantee full and highest level of security and high rate of return on investment. Read more >


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